January – Duck Prosciutto

Hang Duck 3

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2 Responses to Hang Duck 3

  1. Dan says:

    Where did you hang them? What is the ambient temperature and humidity where you hung them. I’m dying to make some but I don’t think there’s anywhere in my home that is optimal for hanging my cured meats. I hope I’m wrong though. Let me know!

    • Dan,
      I have a large rubbermaid container in my basement that stays very cool.. around 49-52 degrees. I put a bowl of kosher salt/distilled water in bottom and adjusted “venting” by leaving various space at lid opening. This gets me to around an average of 70% percent humidity. I have a digital thermometer/hygrometer that I keep a daily eye on. I have a Bresaola hanging in there as well. I recently picked up a free upright freezer off Craigslist and I am in process of converting to curing chamber. Thanks for the post!!

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