Grouper in Tomato Broth

So tonight’s meal was grouper with a tomato broth. It was planned to be red snapper with tomato broth, but living in Cincinnati, OH often we are dependent upon what we can get on hand and red snapper was not in the cards. I hurriedly walked through the doors of Hyde Park Fish Market at 6:26pm to two teenagers closing up shop. Since the fish market closes at 6:30, I am sure I was not the fan of the hour. However, upon asking for red snapper a very pleasant young man said that they did not have any, but had some really fresh grouper. So a pound of grouper was packaged up and I was on my way. Let me tell you, Mid-west grouper is EXPENSIVE!!

Once home from running some other errands; I began preparing dinner, which consisted of grouper in tomato broth, and a side of saffron sice. Trying to practice what all chefs preach, Mise en place, I diced up two roma tomatoes, fresh oregano and mint, and measured out a cup of clam juice. The grouper was salted lightly with sea salt and dredged in flour. The grouper is pan seared for 3-4 minutes skin side down in olive oil, flipped, then 3 minutes on flesh side. After nice sear, the clam juice, tomatoes and herbs are added to pan, covered, and simmered for another 3 minutes.

The finished fish is served in a bowl with tomato broth and herbs poured over top. Don’t overdo the amount of broth in the bowl or you will end up with Fish Soup!

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