Food + Thought @ The Palisades of Mt. Adams

Tonight Sarah (wife) and I attended Food + Thought @ The Palisades of Mt. Adams hosted by the gang at Cincinnati Magazine. Thanks again Chris Ohmer! We had a great tapas style meal made by Fresh Table located in Findlay Market.

The Stuffed Pork Loin was from a Red Wattle pig raised on the Dean Family Farm. Bill and Beth Dean run a 100+ acre farm in Georgetown, OH in their “spare time”. Seriously though, they are amazing people who I think, “get it” when it comes to raising both pigs and chickens in a very conscious and responsible manner. Bill feeds his Red Wattle’s from a 1960’s automated feeder and has began growing his own feed. They have chosen the Red Wattle for its superior fat marbling in the muscle; not much unlike Wagyu beef. Bill says that the free range manner in which he raised the pigs along with their genes make them a far superior pork. Thanks again Bill and Beth for… well, just being you!

The Fresh Table from Findlay Market did a great job of turning Blue Jacket Dairy’s cheese into some very tasty Sweet Potato Cheesecake and Southern Style Lemon Bars. If you have not been lucky enough to try some of Blue Jacket’s fresh cheese, well you should not live another day without it! Jim and Angel King are pure harmony. Jim’s love of the farm, the cattle and the beautiful sunsets at the end of the day are poetry from his soft-spoken voice. Angel is the creative and passionate mind behind the crafted cheese products. Her name is very appropriate in that she turns Jim’s milk into something out of this world.

The evening was full of surprises from the great food and inspiration filled conversations with the Deans and Kings. I cannot go without says the The Palisades @ Mt. Adams is an incredible space with amazing views. Sarah and I were lucky enough to share a table with The Palisades architect John Seinhauser. He and his wife are wonderful people and he is an unbelievable designer of space. If you want a beautiful home and incredible kitchen, he is your guy.

Thanks again Cincinnati Magazine and all who made it such a fun event!!

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