About Me

Field greens and chicken coups. Smoke houses and chestnut trees. Sunday dinners of hot biscuits, fried rabbit and squirrel. Catching fire-flies and sippin’ sun tea on the front porch swing. Mocking Whip-poor-wills and listing to tall tales from my grand-pa. These are the memories of my childhood. Life seemed so simple and the world so big.

These times were long ago, yet so very fresh in my mind. I have moved on to discover much of that “big world”, yet I find myself as of late looking back to that much simpler life. What I hope to share with you here is a journey of a man long separated from his rural childhood past, get back to those roots through Food.

This rediscovery will take us to a time when we knew exactly where our food came from, because we where the ones who planted, raised, picked, pickled, caught or killed it. I intend to take you on this journey with me of rediscovery of food from field to table, and I hope you enjoy the ride. Thanks for sitting on my front porch and listening to my tall tales.


4 Responses to About Me

  1. Michelle R McCoy says:

    Hi Harry! Loved the blog! Your Mama is a great and dear friend of mine. She knows I love to cook and do a little private catering and thought your blog might be of interest. She was right. Take care.

  2. LINDA SARTIN says:

    Your memories of childhood brought some happy times to mind. I don’t recollect you doing much picking and pickling.lol But you always loved being in the kitchen. You loved to help me make biscuits as a small boy.
    I enjoy your blog. The food looks too pretty to eat. I can hardly wait to enjoy one of your creations. Happy Cooking,

  3. Chris Ohmer says:

    Harrison: I hope that you and Sarah can still attend the “Food + Thought” event this Thursday, March 10 from 7:00-8:30 p.m. at The Palisades of Mount Adams?


    Chris Ohmer, Cincinnati Magazine

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